Tuesday, November 9

Keepin' it real

I’d be lying if I told you I was feeling a blog post, because in truth, I am coming down from some kind of crafty high and feeling a bit blah. Best medicine? Rock hunting with Matt, snapping pics and lunch at Chatanika. I have no idea if the rock hunt will be a success – everything is under a blanket of snow. We’re packing a couple picks (the rocks are most likely frozen to the ground) and neoprene gloves for that icy river water. Adventure! I plan on cashing in on the cold November weather and fashionably wear my beaver fur hat and super warm mukluks - my beloved winter wear.

When I feel like this, the best thing I can do is take my blah little self outside and surrender....air my mind out next to a river, toss my worries to a mountain.  It is so true that surrender + nature are powerful medicine when combined, for me anyway, so I am diagnosing myself with "Need of a serious recharge" and taking it outside.  See you on the flip side.

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  1. So true!! Gotta get o.u.t when the weather turns chilly! Wish I was rock hunting with you guys! xo