Tuesday, November 30

Christmas Tree - check!

I gotta tell ya - I'm really feeling it this year. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite winter holiday but this year it’s different - I'm all about Christmas. Maybe it’s because this is my first one as a married lady and I can’t help but notice the significance of creating our first traditions and holiday rituals as a family.
It has me thinking on a story that was passed around my house about my parents first Christmas. It doesn't really tell about the traditions they were creating but you can image the hit it was with the 4 Komar kids. We were wide eyes at hearing that when our mom heard a sound coming from her bedroom on Christmas day, she was stunned with surprise to see a white glove flash from a red sleeve, reaching through the window to leave one last special present for her. I must have harvested some belief right then and there under the spell of little kid wonder that special gifts were left on married people’s first Christmas together. Ha! Who knows?! I’m gonna enjoy my freakish holiday cheer regardless of where it may be coming from.

We all packed into the truck and headed out in the afternoon. It was -20ish outside, but there were blue skies  so I didn't pay much attention to the bit about the burn your face cold. 

I thought it was pretty funny how crammed we all were in the truck . . .

but I don't Talia and Peja found it that funny or fun for that matter! 

Once we hit 2:22 it was smooth sailing -


  1. So sweet, Amy. You, Matt and the dogs look adorable.
    You even succeeded in making me homesick for -20!

    It really can be fun making new traditions with your partner.
    For years I felt as though I was the only one into it before I met my match with my new husband and now I'm finding that being in a new place at Christmastime calls for newer "traditions".

    Currently our Arizona tradition is to go to the border town of Douglas and shop at the small Mexican style variety stores that have mariachi music and lots of folks from across the border stocking up on 5 & dime type goodies. Last years favorite scores were a Barbie style "Benign Girl" and "Exalted Girl" obviously from China but for a buck and a good gag gift they made it home with us. Then we go for a drink at the cowboy bar in the historic area by the Gadsden Hotel.
    Cheers and enjoy the season.
    xoxo Kim

  2. I forgot about that white glove!! Beautiful pictures, so beautiful in fact that I'm thinkin' we may have to come in the winter instead of the spring ;-)