Sunday, November 28

The pleasures are many when shopping online.

Having a shop on etsy has made me aware of a thing called 
Cyber Monday.
There's a buzz about it and it happens tomorrow. 
I guess it's kinda a big deal. Busiest online shopping day of the year with lots of promotions and deals floating around out there.  

I decided to get on that train with a few promotions of my own. 

Let's start with my personal favorite shall we?

 I know living in Alaska 
has taught me to appreciate this one BIG time - -

F R E E 


S H I P P I N G !!!
That mean you too Puerto Rico and Hawaii!

Lots of unique gifts under $25

and a small batch of
Original paintings priced at $45
Woo - hoo!

(Free Shipping ends at midnight AK time on Nov. 29)

I'm dorkishly excited about the holiday's this year. 
I can prove it with my latest splurge on garland.
I have all of my shopping done without setting a foot in a mall and our Christmas tree hunt is inked on the calendar for Tuesday morning.
I so have it together.
Is it possible that for the first time in my 

years that I will have all of my shopping done and a decorated house before the first day of December? That would nothing short of a Christmas miracle! 

Between the classic Christmas movies and twinkling lights,
Bing Crosby and baking -
I'm feeling the fa la la people
and I hope all of you are too.

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  1. What's up with the Komar girls this year?? I was determined not to have seasonal guilt and being prepared works! Love it that you're on a roll, too ;-)...