Wednesday, December 1

Oh December... sweet thing you. Your first day woke me with the most glorious sunrise. You poured orange and cobalt around my sleepy gaze and sent me back to bed to drift a little longer on my still warm dream. I was dreaming about my brother’s wedding day and there were boat rides and a band, clinking glasses, cocktails, hoopla and handshakes. Every one I looked at was grinning like the Cheshire cat. It was a good dream.

I walked the dogs next to your pastel spun sky and praised the moment for its peacefulness. I made latte’s and read the paper next to a blazing wood stove. After eating a home cooked meal and clicking on the Christmas tree lights, I made my way up to the studio. Firing up a podcast to paint to, I sat down and simply began. And even though you are quiet and mysterious, and not telling what is coming December, I wanted you to know that I recognize the gift of you. I am open to wherever you want to lead me. I’ll continue to show up, trust my gut and begin anew each day if you take me where I need to go. And yes, I promise I will honor your hours by doing the things which make me come alive and I will believe all the while that you are listening and leading. Deal?


  1. i absolutely love reading your musings on life in alaska...makes me want to pick up and move there, for real!

  2. I just found your blog, and I really like your photography of Alaska. I live in Northern Canada and have not managed to get anywhere near the photos at this time of year. How do you take your photos?