Monday, July 5

Road trip # 2: Central, Alaska

For years I’ve been 4th of July’ing it near Central, Alaska. 
It’s a savored summer tradition.

On the drive from Fairbanks, the road winds hillsides, opens to big skies, snakes around rivers, blows you away in mountain ranges and sets you free gazing on nothing but land, lots of it.

Time spent on my friend’s property will set you at ease and “air you out” 
(a phrase lovingly borrowed from my sister
"Aired Out" is the result from being outside for any length of time. 
My sis coined it after living many of Germany's long winters)

 There's plenty of time for BBQ’s and whiffle ball games, 

naps, conversation, flowering hillsides (that's fireweed),

Sunday drives,

boat rides, 

rock hunting, sun basking, projects, putz'ing round, reading....

see the heart cloud?

and aside from a few mosquito's, 

 I guess they like my knees...

It's a top notch good time! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. I have been to the 48 contiguous states but have not yet visited Alaska.