Wednesday, July 7

All roads lead home.

clouds caught in trees

I lost my cool a little today. I gave up for a bit, turned into some grumbling thing and had nothing short of a mental temper tantrum. I got to tell you, the moment I gave in, it was hypnotic. I was completely seduced by negative thinking.  Sometime mid-morning, I watched dazed as I shuffled my feet towards that distorted direction.  EEECK!
You know about the snowball effect?
Oh yeah, all thoughts have one.
Needless to say, the day was a little rough. 

the surface of water 

The finale in all this was a crazy 6-hour shift waiting tables. Think: A group of 8 and one of 20 arriving at the same time who will all need separate checks, all courses – remember it’s “fine dining” so ap’s, salads, entrees, deserts are the norm, as well as be big drinkers. Oh! AND a customer got poked in the eye with a run away patio umbrella in the middle of all that chaos I had attracted! It was no joke!

It wasn’t until I was driving home, that I had a big laugh with myself reflecting on this post I wrote a month ago. I meant every word when I wrote it then but man; I was soooo not occupying that space tonight. It helped me ease up.

Later on, after a little porch sit perspective, I lightened my load. You know how I did it?  I asked myself what I liked about me. And you know what I came up with? I like how I see and appreciate the last bit of light that skims the tops of trees 

and wonder at the first blooms of wildflowers...

 Simple enough. I found the grace I was looking for in that moment’s pause.

All in all the day ended with me digging back on me. What a relief.

So BE KIND to yourself cause you are one and only cool, K?

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