Wednesday, April 7

oh yeah -

There is something I haven’t mentioned to you.

While pursuing, creating, painting canvas, scribbling out ideas, treasure hunting birch hearts, big dreaming and bold focus –

I’ve taken a job. It started on December 15st and will end on May 1st.

Today I was in Anchorage, sitting in the best decorated board room I have ever seen – cocoa latte colored walls, earthen red accents, the worn blues, greens and white of trade beads warmly lit, wood carved mask, gold circles + Arizona turquoise – feathers. All day I was surrounded by this feast of color and history, clean lines and comfortable chairs. It got me thinking:

( * ) Maybe the Universe put me there, in that boardroom, for one short moment, to get me feeling what all that abundance and wild success feels like when translated into flowing finances and the freedom that comes from being well paid for your passion. And if that was the case, how kind. What an acknowledgement of what I have been wishing.

. . . but I didn’t think that until later on in the day.

You see, at first, I sulked amongst all that lovely. I wondered where my share was? My well-colored boardroom and entrepreneurial vision manifested three fold? I felt impatient and upset with myself that I had to take on a job in addition to creating art and quite frankly – that feeling sucked.

That is when the thought of ( * ) occurred to me and soon thereafter I was able to relax again and trust in the mysteries of my unfolding dream.  Yes,  that was what was going on. Yes.

I realized that it's all, even my temporary job, a part of my big beautiful story that has always and will always be about living true and making art. I felt peaceful, you know?

 (pS) here's a sweet little coincidence my sister sent me tonight on a whim:

Invariably, when big dreams come true, and I mean BIG, Amy, there is a total metamorphosis of one's life. Their thoughts change, their words change, decisions are made differently, gratitude is tossed about like rice at a wedding, priorities are rearranged, and optimism soars.... Yeah, they're almost annoying.

You could have guessed all that, huh?

Would you have guessed that these changes, invariably, come before, not after, their dream's manifestation?

    The Universe

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