Friday, April 2

hi. I remember I promised you word gift paintings at the end of March.

Here it is April second and I’ve been posting pictures and poems but no paintings.

What gives?

One thing I’ve noticed about myself recently while flipping through old idea notebooks; is that I often write down dates for when I think project endings/goals/wishes will form out of the formless and sometime’s -  it’s a miss. It always comes though. Late, but never, not ever.

The past few months have been packed. 
The original paintings from the first round of my Alchemy of Connection project
are soaking up a good desert vibe at True World Gallery in California along side the work of the lovely photographer Elena Ray.
After spending a year creating for the exhibit 
I got married and well,
you know,
Disappeared for a month.

So. Big exhale.
Here we are now. You and me
and the delights you shared with me back when it was winter
and oh, delights they were.
Thank you again for your “pink sunrise, book & a blanket, children’s sweet scent and your one small victory in combining colors that take my breath away….”

Your daily pleasure’s
are transforming,
Line by line

a little here,
a little there,
doled out slowly
for you 
to savor
this spring.

(ps)The first painting will be ' small graces' list 

See you soon!

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