Tuesday, April 13

alchemy of connection, one

small graces

1.pink sunrise,
2.woodsmoke smell
3.snowflakes on the eyelashes of my brown eyed girl
4.soft horse breath with the scent of sweet hay
5.baby hum-singing mama
6.five rapt children listen to magic pouring out of books of literature and history
7.beautiful food grown with hands of love, made together, eaten together,with clink and clatter sounds of china and silver
8.twighlight stretching across our almost-mountain hill
9.strong kiss under the safe warm  red flower spread

I couldn't resist including the one below even though the color is a bit off. I included it purely for you to see the texture that this painting carries...the morning sun was hitting it just right...

I've been thinking about what all I would like to divulge about this process of transforming your daily joy's into paintings. It has been quite special for me. I am enjoying the hours spent reading and re-reading your lists while slowly working paint across the canvas. There is an intimacy I expected during this process, but I have been struck by the sweetness of it. I feel like I have been trusted with a secret, a treasured moment, a glimpse of life being lived beautifully and deliberately, celebrating simple things, quiet things...

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