Friday, April 16

fancy a mint julep my little tulip?

Still going strong: Seeing hearts since 2006 *

I am sitting in silence. A girl needs her silence, you know? I am living on teeter-totter weather with cold hands and socked feet. It is the time of year when a chill settles in the house in the evening when a woodstove isn’t going. I am stubborn. Knowing the wood stove days are numbered, I’m putting on another layer and riding it out (post edit note: I held out till 9: 30p.m., then got a fire cracking). Yup, the seasons are a changing. Recently, I wondered where I put the summer clothes and I have since added charcoal to the grocery list. It is beginning! Feeling big love for my spring into summer slide.

Days are different in April. Now, in the morning, the sun arrives by six, all soft and dreamy.  There are birds singing and every so often the air is scented by warmth returning to frozen land - - you know it?  Dirt rubbed leaves running clean under snow melt rivers? White spruce branches full of morning sun, bend back to catch the afternoon breeze?

There is a promise out there in it too – somewhere between that shooting star that fell up and the last drop of 2010’s moonlight. Oh it is coming my dear Alaskans and you know what exactly. I will, I am, going to name just a few: midnight suns, boat rides, motorcycle curves, garage sales, bbq’s, hanging baskets, lilac bushes, choke cherry trees, sweet Jesus, even the dandelion lined streets! April turns to May . . .

It is delicious, really and I am wishing it upon you.

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