Tuesday, January 5

stream of consciousness + new year's list

Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder is playing on the radio. 

…Isn’t she lovely made from love boy I am so happy we have been heaven blessed…

 I do love Fairbanks public radio. Sometimes they hit it just right.

It is 35 BELOW and I am all about the cozy of a wood stove and sweat pants. Seriously. Who doesn’t love a sweat pant? I’ve been feeling well loved lately, and counting my stars that this is so.

I’ve been paying special attention to the moon the past few months. I suspect something unusual is in the works. The second full moon of December, a “Blue Moon,” occurs once every 28 years - seen maybe a few times in one lifetime. It makes me feel like things are lined up and lucky. I liked seeing the moon last night in -30 cold. I hadn’t witnessed the drama of a cold moon yet this winter. It is a sensory experience to behold. Sound is amplified. Frozen streams of moonlight weave through snowy birch. A halo gauze of light surrounds a waning moon. Literally takes your breath away folks.

So what about this new year? I’ve never been into “New Year Resolutions” – they always seemed like a great way to make yourself feel like a loser from the starting gates. I like to set intentions instead. In that spirit – I give you my list:

I declare 2010 to be about INTENTION.  I intend to live with unlocked doors and an open heart. I intend full creative expression and travel. I intend to tell new stories and to walk with my head held high. I intend to keep at it, keep moving forward. I intend to always trust my gut. I intend to take more photographs and walks in woods. I intend to create more balance in my day. I intend to be present. I intend to keep my TV turned off. I intend to be flexible and fluid in my living. I intend to be less of a consumer and I intend to be free of debt. I intend to master my MacBook and be disciplined about the time I spend on the internet. I intend to focus on ‘what I want’ and not what I don’t. I intend more silliness and long drives. I intend tiny adventures everyday. I intend to shop local and buy organic. I intend to learn new recipes and throw more dinner parties. I intend to hand write letters and keep simplifying my life. I intend quarterly closet purges. All of this I intend for my bright and shiny new year.

What are your intentions ?

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