Thursday, December 31

December 31, 2009

Hello official last day of 2009

Up North,
the day started with cold snagged on starlight - -
Inky orange sunrises and navy horizons.
Barely noon and the sky broke open - - the softest of blues.
Pink clouds, wispy.

Close to 4
big bright moon
sat atop Birch Hill
laced in a silhouette of trees.

Now, it's almost 9
and there's one last thing I wanted to say to you this year:

I invite you to send me a list - your list - the ( 9 ) simple pleasures of your day.
I will turn your words into a painting.
( Yes, your day inspires a painting)

Be a part of an exclusive body of work  Alchemy of Connection.

(September's archives focus on the details)

New work inspired by lists released SPRING 2010

So come on, you know you wanna - - send 'em to me.
subject line: ALCHEMY

 ( *) please limit one list per person
( **) deadline to submit is JANUARY 15th

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