Sunday, January 10

The beginning: Lovely Lady Blog Series

One intention I have for 2010 is to write a regular feature highlighting – one at a time – one lovely lady.  The idea has been simmering since last spring. I was vacationing in Germany when it plopped into my head like a sugar cube into coffee. The women who have inspired me are many. I will start this series by going back to high school ( yes, the math on that is15 years ago! 33 and happy to be!!)

Anna Jeanette Poutous. Hometown: Houston, Texas

Adventurer, Rider of bikes, The girl who I have hiked & camped the most with, Fashionista and one wicked interior decorator. She will literally go down to Home Depot with blue and yellow American Spirit boxes to make sure the paint is an exact match. Oh yeah. She is also the female version of my friend Nathan when it comes to “music guru-ness.”

I remember driving in her CJ-7 Jeep around Austin, Texas listening to NWA (of all things!) with a pixie haircut and Amy’s Ice cream photo booth pictures stuffed in our pockets. Life was free and easy, with nothing but time. 

Dang. My memories of Austin, Texas in the early nineties are magic: Honeysuckle smelling summer and cool pockets of air while driving through the hills at night. It is a cold one, flip-flops and a suntan. It is drum circles and some dude painted silver at eeyore’s birthday. It is a spontaneous kiss in the red light glow of a basement jazz club and all day music festivals. It is living at 602 Elmwood in a room made of windows and Kelly Willis weekly at The Shady Grove. Shit Austin. You and me go way back.

I could go on for a long time with all the memories. I realize now it is going to be tricky keeping this feature to a reasonable length.  The ladies shine a lot of light.

So. I will do it like I like it done and give you a ‘list.’

The (6) images that come to mind when I think of Anna :

(*) sunset colored dust eddies swirling alongside long stretches of desert roads

(*) white washed domes + the Mediterranean

(*) emerald green and cowboy boot brown

(*) Red dirt earth

(*) The West streaming by behind rolled down windows, it is early summer

(*)  Yellow leaves on Birch Trees

The next lovely lady will be here Spring/2010…Stay Tuned…

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