Monday, January 11

5 minutes and 19 seconds...

...of daylight gained up here in Fairbanks since December 21st. Solar eclipse and a new moon this week. I turn 33 on Thursday. I plan on eating ice cream cake, taking a walk in the woods and get a massage to mark the occasion. I was born at 2:22 in the afternoon back in '77. The numbers are intriguing. Seems lined up and lucky if you ask me. I think you and I are going to be friends 2010. You strike my fancy as bringing all sorts of good. 

Today I finished a painting I started a year ago. The process this go round was interesting. This piece was a puzzle. Normally, I work on a piece stop and start for no longer than a few days. 
This one in particular had something else in mind. I started it last November and let 9 months pass before I returned to it. I thought about it for weeks...layering details and washes every few days. It seemed every week I was able to see a little more clearly how to work this painting.  I surrendered to the slow going process and look at what it became...

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