Monday, June 8


The way in which this day unfolds is easy. There are birds at the feeder and sunlight is soft through the trees. I am doing a favorite thing - - sitting in the morning sun, drinking coffee and listening to NPR.

Gotta love a Sunday.

Growing up my parents believed that Sunday’s were for basking and participating in simple pleasures -- a big family breakfast, laying in the hammock under tall pines, reading, napping. The impression this belief made on me was lasting, I try my best to reserve one day (maybe not Sunday) for doing a whole lot of nothing.
I will admit, I had a “to-do” list for today. It went like this:

1. Morning Coffee outside on the deck
2. Get creative
3. Do Laundry
4. Post this blog
5. Tidy the cabin

As I was checking off #1, I flashed back to how my folks treated Sunday : it was all about going slow and following whims. Taking that to heart, it is now 2:44pm and I am on a lunch break while checking off #2. I am completely surrendered to staying here ALL DAY. 3,4 and 5 will slide on over to Monday’s list. Today is about honoring large expanses of time to do with what I want and that happens to be PAINT.

In the studio, I am re-working an older body of work. The process has been a thrill ride and the enjoyment is immense. I have turned the ringer off and rolled up my sleeves . . .

Stay tuned dear reader, new work is on it's way!!

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  1. Delightful. Absolutely delightful taking a stroll through your words and images. I wish I was closer so we could bake for four hours together, drink coffee, and not have to talk across the ocean. xoj