Monday, June 1


Mosquito Coil and Tree Stump, Summer 2009

I’ve got water going for a shower. I’ve tapped into the perfect combination of a neatly timed 5 gallon’s worth of shower – 6 if I wanna shave my legs.

Ten minutes on the stove for a boil. Two tea kettles and a soup pot. Dump into bucket. Mix with equal parts cold. Plug in the pump. wha – La. You are on your way to clean.

Let me tell you, a shower set up in a dry cabin is a luxury. It is a little extra work, but worth any effort entirely.

I’ve earned it today.

I planted this years garden—including, but not limited to:

dahlias,sweet peas,basil,carrots,marigolds,lavender,sunflowers,celery,zucchini,lettuce,cucumbers

I finished the hanging baskets and the bird feeder is stocked.

I even stained the deck and ringed a tree with rocks.

The wildflowers I planted last weekend are showing the first signs of new life and there are choke cherries blooming.

Sitting in the sun now, I’m drinking a cold one, wearing a days worth of dirt and feeling that content feeling working outside always gives me. Sometimes, it seems that there is no greater pleasure than this moment. You know; when your muscles are sore from manual labor, dirt is under your fingernails, deck stain on your hands and arms and you’ve got a sweat stained face with a sun tan. It’s always been a favorite of mine.

‘Rounding your next corner dear reader --

I wish for you * freshly tilled earth and big,white cumulous clouds. The sound of a cessna flying overhead, fresh produce, free time and new stories.

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  1. What a good day. And your photo of the mosquito coil on the stump is both artistic and so very Alaskan. ;) May all you've planted grow in beauty and abundance.