Sunday, May 24

SUMMER IS HERE - - I’ve got a seventy two degree read from my deck . . .

Dandelions line roads and hills have become fat and flashy in their green - - swollen with sun, they act like winter never happened.

The change from Spring to Summer is overnight in Fairbanks. It’s one of the things I love about Northern Living . . . it is extreme. I was burned with sixty-two below cold this year, and now, five months later I’m sitting in the shade, dangling a flip flop and fanning myself with warm winds.

I am planting a garden and flowers this season. Pure glee was felt when the first sunflowers grew UP effortlessly. It has me thinking of the way things work. A farmer tills the soil rich, sows seeds, waters and waits. Wouldn’t it be crazy if the farmer went out each day, dug up the soil to see if the seeds were growing?! It would be nuts! The farmer trusts that nature will do her thing, and having done his part by planting and watering, he knows to busy himself with other things and before he knows it the first green of new life will be pushing through the soil.

Thinking about my own life along side today’s gardening session, I realized that I am working with the same stuff in nature that the tiny seed is. I have idea seeds I am sowing. As much as I want to peek under the soil to see if any are taking root, I need to trust that they are growing up and out. My most important job is to honor each idea by watering it with the expectancy of true belief. Look around you. Everything man-made was once only a thought . . . an idea . . . a seed.

T R U S T that everything is unfolding in right time.

B E L I E V E that goodness and purpose is your present moment.

An avalanche of A B U N D A N C E is upon you !

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  1. The thought of summer in the arctic makes my heart feel warm!!