Monday, June 15

Friday, June 12

Bluebells in my palm, Summer 2009

I am coming into balance.
Subtle shifts fleeting --
I find them when I do simple things -- water the garden, sweep floors, heat/haul water, clear out my spaces . . .
Let me spoon feed you SUMMER.
It is here friend and everyone in Fairbanks is feasting on light and colorful blooms, green and running rivers.
It is a bite by bite event.

Oh yeah, the mosquito's are out and it sure smells smokey tonight -- no matter, life is living duality.

There were loud thunder claps this afternoon and a nap to rain and open windows.

Man, do I love Alaska.
Each summer I tether myself to the Interior.
What was once a spoken wish from my early twenties is now my present day. Life is cyclical like that.

It's lit soft at eleven and I am thinking about FORTUNE again.
It is good to live upon a land that is still so wild, so full of extremes in it's expanse. Northern living carries you to the edge of yourself and I appreciate her lessons in light/shadow and luminescence.

Gathering a running list of good things . . .

The night ends mosquito free - surprisingly enough - for my last sit on my porch. The weekend stretches before me with garage sales, yard work, sun basking and painting. I hope wherever you are you are savoring your summer!

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