Monday, February 23

I 'heart' Vacation

The bread in Germany is a favorite. Imagine a thick slice, toasted, dense with quality ingredients - where each bite delivers the taste of homemade. Pair the experience with real butter, marmelade from the farmer's market and an espresso and your taste buds have new life.

Capuccino's in W├╝rzburg from an Italian owned cafe, to my surprise, a heart made in the milk

Seven hours spent at the thermal baths

Eleven books from the library and time to read each and every one

The art of German window displays

The silence inside Cathedrals

Morning walks by the river in Bamberg, just me and the returning birds

Snow, Sun, Rain and Gray skies all in one day

Dinner parties

Seeing hearts in the most unusual places

Green landscapes during winter

Sitting on park benches feeling the warm sun

Easter egg colored houses and lacey curtains

My nephew and his snap kiss, also him saying to me when we got off the phone "Goodbye My Heart" (He's Five!)

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