Saturday, February 7

Alphabeticized List of Good Things, A - H, Travel Edition

Airports (I love the mystery. The coming and going. The take off's and landings. The gamble of who will sit next to you. People watching and making up stories about their lives)

Barack Obama (Seeing his face on TV, Magazines, Newspapers in each city/country I am in...strangely comforting and I get that "exhale" feeling. Dreaming he and I ate fresh baked bread together. His authentic vibe. Like that his number is 44)

Coffee (Strong coffee with cream and sugar from Jubilee in NYC. Many mornings drinking coffee with close friends and family -- shared ritual, one of my favorites)

Delta Dan (my brother, the pilot and the way he made me laugh when I was bumped up to first class for the international stretch of my flight, "Amy, play it cool. Repeat after me, "Look - I told you to sell those 10,000 shares!!")

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rostenthal ( "Amy - For awhile I wished my name was spelled Aimee; it seemed so much more original, innovative, so chock-full of vowels. I like that my name can spell May and Yam. When I was growing up, my parents would sing the old song "Once in Love with Amy." I always liked when they did that. In my dating years, the song was "Amie" by Pure Prairie Leauge. Boy: (singing) "Amie / What you wanna do?" I always liked that little serenade as well. The Japanese word amai means the feeling of being cherished and an expectation to be loved. The amygdala is the emotional center of the brain. People close to me call me Aim, and that feels affectionate and validating...")

First Class (Real pillows, down comforter, warm nuts, wine in a real glass, a seat that reclines, ice cream sundae, personal TV with the option to create a music playlist, champagne and a warm wash cloth)

Good Smells (Coconut Lait hand cream from Sephora. The skin of babies. Fresh washed hair. Dampness of Germany. Misty's FABULOUS dinner in Anchorage. Babbo Ristorante in NYC - a sensory feast. The city smell)

Hangover (well earned from: Stella Artois (drank in the correct glass), dancing, laughing - the uncontrollable giggling, one crown royal on ice sipped in a leather chair facing a brick wall, running into Josh Ritter at one am, the goodness of a group of women I love being in the same room, 4 am cab ride with the most polite/direct route cab driver)


  1. Have a great trip, Amy. I've got relatives in Germany -- say "hi" and raise a Bierstein for me, would ya?

    First class... one day, yes. Totally with you on Barack. Feel able to breath again, all the air had gone out of the nation.

    Love the format of this post. Some of the Psalms are written this way... it's an ancient form of acrostic poetry.

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