Wednesday, March 4

Alphabeticized list of Good things, I - O, Travel Edition

have not driven a car in going on six weeks (I love the freedom of this. My old truck can be a drag at times with her quirky ways, thirst for gas and regular maintence. Good stuff to be able to hop on a train, trolley, subway, bus or use my own legs to get me where I need to go)

Julie, my sister, who is a tremendous hostess. When I walked into the room I was sleeping in she had gone to great lengths to make it cozy and warm...from the heart shaped cactus on the night stand, fresh cut daffodils, jar filled with chapstick, tissues, gum, pen,etc. to the welcome note with chocolates. . .she knows how to make you feel welcomed and loved!

Kathy, my mom, who has been my daytime pal while visiting she and my dad in Bamberg. Her sense of adventure is keen even at 70! On a whim, she took me to a very small smoking club/local restaurant with a great juke box and good food so I could get a feel for the local flavor! Her laugh and sweet spirit is contagious!

(a) Late night walk through the city with my parents and brother. Bamberg is called "Little Venice" and there is something magical and old world charm about how the streets feel at night with the sound of the river around you. . . .

My Nephews. I don't think I will ever tire of hearing their laughs, watching their expressions when they play and speak German, and being blown away by their perspective on the world and the good questions they ask.

Nutella - Bananna Crepe eaten while standing in the middle of the city in front of a 17 th century statue

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  1. Bamberg is a beautiful city with so much magic - the rivers cascading through the city and the Cathedral at the top of the hill - each watching out for the other. Germany (specifically Wuerzburg with it's Festung) has been a part of my life since I was young (many years), and it's nice to hear impressions from your perspective. Nice blog and if you need more exposure for your art, an Art Rep can help - make sure you're able to get a reasonable percentage and understand how he or she will market your work. Good luck:-)