Sunday, August 5


There is a crispness at night now. Heck, I just said night, which means the loss of sunlight is noticeable. Autumn is fast approaching and I'd be fibbing if I told you I was ready for the shift in season. Maybe it's all those hot Texas summers growing up or that this year was a pretty rainy summer, but this gal wants more hot sun and poolside served up.

I'll get it. I might have to buy a plane ticket to find it, and it might be January when it happens, but I will get myself some summer weather with a side of water.

How's your August? Is it still warm and summery where you are?


  1. Its HOT as ----! lol... You would love the Santa Monica area, was there today and it was sunny, not real hot and fresh air!

  2. Such a timely post. We just said the same thing to each other this morning on the way to the grocery store, there *is* a crispness in the air and it feels like autumn. It's sneaking in, I saw 2 leaves yesterday that had turned yellow and red...It seems soon - I'm not ready for it yet either.
    Take care!

  3. (hello!) Reporting that it was so very hot here!/ one had to visit a lake or creek to cool off. A very surprising, quick shift of weather has arrived though, and it has become simply opposite today: very cool, windy & there will be rain! I am writing from quite far South of You Amy/(in Squamish). Keep well!

  4. We are not very crisp here in PA. Hot days with humidity and then raging amazing thunderstorms often ~ those are spectacular. I've been imagining our new house and it's acres covered in snow this winter; it will be so fun to live through all the seasons in a new place! I'm looking forward to cooler days. I can't believe, really, that it's almost september already. This sneaks up on me each year.

  5. It is hot and dry and sunburnt where I am (I'm not sunburnt but the gardens, trees and grass are).
    I've never liked August and look forward to the nights cooling down a bit at the end of the month, here in the Methow.

    I wish I could spend every day at the lake...but duty calls.


  6. Ladies send me your hot summer and thunderstorms! Dare I say I saw leaves turning yellow on my drive home tonight? I will tell you though that last night it was still in the sixties at 10pm and I savored being "warm" at night...those days are numbered up here...xo

  7. It's hot here in Oklahoma. Breaking into 100 degrees though lately - that's a cool breeze for us.
    All the lakes in our state are 'man-made' but we have plenty to play in...