Tuesday, July 24

Bathroom remodel

We're almost there. 

What I'm enjoying most about this change are the walls. Throughout the day I catch myself thinking the light was left on in there and then realize it's the effect of sunlight on pumpkin spice walls. 

This color is doing exactly what I wanted it to. It makes me feel warm. It reminds me of Italy and the desert. Who knew a bathroom could do so much? 

Sitting on a bench in Bagni Di Lucca, Italy | 80 degrees | 2010


  1. It's going to be great! Is it warm enough for a little succulent on the windowshelf?

  2. Thanks Brooke. It's warm enough now for a succulent but it would be toast by December. Too cold near the windows : (

  3. Hmm. I bet the frost patterns will be pretty while you enjoy a hot soak, though!