Sunday, July 8

Thirty minutes left

So here we are. Hi. Hello. It's raining with thirty minutes left to Saturday night. I just got home from waiting tables. That's what I do weekend nights. It's an interesting place I find myself in. Must be some growth happening cause oh lawdy did I get smacked in the face with ye old ego tonight! I would like to interject here that it is hard work waiting tables. There is a fascinating drama that plays out. Do you know what  I mean? Most times, it flows and it's a good time and pace interacting with people. And other times, it can rub you. Serving people food and drink is a trip. I feel your nods people who've worked in the industry. Snip, snap -- we'll keep it at that. What I really want to say is that it feels like something else is trying to be born here. We're in the labor part of the story. Roar. 


  1. Dealing with the public is the hardest thing. I work for a veterinarian and even though it is wonderfully rewarding to work with pets and helping them...the pet owners are sometimes a different story. Hang in there !!!

  2. sometimes being of service is a lesson.

    roar on....

  3. I have never worked in the food service industry but I know folks can get ugly at times... and that I have no patience for... I always treat others how I want to be treated... tho it seems they feel the wait staff is their mama who they can trod on like no ones business... the ones who are that rude evidently were not brought up by folks w/ integrity..

  4. i still have dreams (nightmares?) of bartending, and all of the taps are flowing and i had arms like Shiva... xo soul sister.