Thursday, July 19

I did the math.

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is waking up to a high volume of sales that came in the night while you were sleeping - dreaming - relaxing. 

I think there's a lesson here.

Isn't it amazing what comes when we loosen our grip? Trust?  
I've spent more time then I'd like to admit playing "art martyr" through out my career and time was wasted "yard sticking" it through that journey.  I've decided that that state of emotion has been worn out, wrung dry. It's time to put the gremlins in the sound proof booth. 

They don't call it "a practice" for nothing. My best looks different every new day, but where I've grown is that I continue to make art in spite of those gremlin voices. I figure the more I show up, the less they will. 

I think there's a lesson here.

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