Friday, February 3


I'm sitting in the Seattle airport, taking it all in. There's the people watching, the good and bad fashion, the sunshine pouring through windows, the cool shops (you know you're hard up when airport shops do it for you), all the places to eat, obnoxious "only person in the universe" cell phone conversations and all the hustle and bustle of an airport in motion. It's wonderful.

I've somehow managed to whittle down my 4 hour layover with the above distractions and will be boarding in a moment. Which is a good thing because I've blown almost $100 and I'm just in the first few hours of vacation. I've got to pace myself. Living in Fairbanks has given me a voracious appetite for the cool of city life. Sears, Chili's and Old Navy don't do it for me. Sorry Fairbanks. Give me weird! Give me eclectic! Give me outside of the box!!   I hope there are no hard feeling Fairbanks. You're cool and weird in your own way.

Anywho. I'm hopped up on coffee and sleep deprived so forgive me if this is a bit of a random post. 

My real reason for posting is to let you in on something I'm really excited about. 
Before I left I painted 12 small stones and my sister wrote little blessings for each and during this trip I'm going to drop them in places for a stranger to find. I intend to take pictures of where they're left. It's going to be magic. 


  1. You are AWESOME!!!
    That is soooo COOL!

  2. Although you're probably elsewhere now, I got all excited because Seattle is only 4 1/2 hours away from me! I'm so excited to see where those stones will be left. How fun. Happy, safe travels :)

  3. i love that airport. for many reasons. but mainly because when i'm there i feel closer to home.

    and i love that you are going to leave wee blessed stones around the universe for others to find and be blessed by them.

    you are truly wonderful. come back home to alaska well-rested and happy to be here.


  4. Way cool!

    And are you coming to Prescott, Arizona? :)

    Hope you have a wonderful, fun, exciting and magical time!

  5. ..I am following your journey, with anticipation!.. I think it will be like encountering magic, when someone finds your gift, here or there.. I have not ever commented but i have enjoyed your blog so very much; thank you for it Amy.

  6. Sweet, Precious Amy...

    I love this.
    (I often leave little 'from the heart and hand' gifts on our path... especially navigating the halls of the hospitals and healing places on our journey these days)...
    Your heart is big and I am always touched by your openess and generosity ....
    I am So looing forward to when you share photos of their journey....
    with love and appreciation for all that you are...

  7. It would be fantastic if you could find your stones in blog land :-)

  8. This is just so flipping awesome!