Wednesday, February 1

California Bound. Not me, the stones!

30 Stones. 25 celebrities. 5 members of the press. Earth Day 4/22. These stones are out of my hands and into others. Life is a hoot! To read details and see last years celebrity recipients visit my fan page

Today I'm busy getting ready for my great escape this weekend. I can not wait to see green landscapes and actually feel the sun! It's been a L - O - N - G time since I've experienced either. I have 12 major surprises up my sleeve for my travels and I'm excited to share my plan with you! I'll be back tomorrow with the news.

Until then, Happy new month! February is already turning out fabulous....


  1. SO, you aren't going to deliver them personally??? omg... hmmm, hoping those stones drop into my mailbox... this is one time I wish the p.o. would mess up their delivery! LOL
    I would love to see some of that creativeness hit your ETSY!. Now is that a subtle hint???

  2. Haha! You're so sweet Chris! Thank you!! I promise this Spring will be ALL about loading etsy up with fresh stones!!

  3. aha.
    Amy... This IS exciting news. (so glad you didn't share it with me when I asked.. this is so much beter.) :) Your stones ( the ones you have graciously shared here) are simply BEAUTIFUL. I am excited FOR you (and with you) and look forward to having you share more... :)
    love and a (warm and gentle, BEAR) ((((HUG)))....

  4. They are so pretty! Congratulations - what exciting news! Have fun thawing out, it is a good time for it! =)