Wednesday, January 11

That IS the question, isn't it?

For the past week I've been pondering a question  my friend Katie asked. It wasn't until I took myself outside to stand knee deep in "overwhelmed" that I found her answer.

On her blog last week, Katie asks her audience how they stay present and remain in the moment?

In the exact moment I felt myself unraveling with all there was to do, I found myself outside living the answer. How do I stay present? I walk outside. I breathe into the ground. I soften into trees, loosen to sound. I bring my attention to the aliveness that surrounds me. I breathe deeper and acknowledge the cells in my body. I say thank you. I leave this practice always feeling lighter. 

Have you ever acknowledged the cells in your body? It's brought me back to the here and now many a time. Start by focusing on your hands, it tends to be easiest in the hands. Feel their aliveness. You will notice a little tingling, a buzz where your attention falls. Breathe into it. Run your awareness up and down your body. Bathe your cells and organs with your loving kindness. When I was first learning how to do this, this man was my guide. 

Look at how it's all lined up today - ones abound! Happy eleventh day of January!


  1. Ahhh, I needed to read this. Thanks.

  2. Lovely reply to the question I've been thinking about all week. Thank you!
    I love these pictures, especially the last one. Even though it's obviously very cold there, I feel warmth from the scenery.

  3. from what i sense, you do a remarkable job of staying in the moment.