Monday, January 9

"I broke myself open for this"

This song stopped me in my tracks this weekend.
Take a listen: Eulogy for you and me by Tayna Davis

While digging around for the link above, I also found this:

I like knowing this lady is out in the world.  

"I want more radiance and less green this season will be my perfect lover
long nights for more dreaming short days to fill real and fast
sweaters for my heart's safe-keeping for my soul's heating 
through the cold of winter to last"

-Tayna Davis Eulogy for you and me


  1. wow, ain't this the truth?!... i use to watch my step as far as what and how I come across... with age and experience i've learned to let go and say what i want and not hold back.. with age and experience one learns how to get their point across--its with grace and tact...:-)

  2. Nothing to do with your post. But about Alaska. Have you seen the blog
    It's a fantastic blog and they just did Alaska with a beautiful poster, I thought you might like to see it!