Tuesday, December 20

Yes I called myself an elf.

Things have been busier than usual. Round the clock painting, packaging and all that other life and holiday stuff smashed inbetween. I'm so grateful for the meaningful art busy, but trust me, you would've caught me throwing a stink eye on dirty dishes and dust bunnies. How in the heck do people manage busy life and biz with kids? I fear the tongue lash I would get from the pets over the lack of walks. My saving grace is I don't understand "meow" and "woof" and "yummy chummies" make great bribes.

It might have been two in the morning, but I finally finished a few wee foxes for the little people in my life - -

and a goddess stone for a special lady - -

which makes for one tired painter elf! 

Limano reminded me yesterday that I need to take a break and that is what I'm gonna do. 
An early Happy Solstice to you starlights...be back in a few! xo

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  1. those are the sweetest little folks - i am sure they will be well received. you and me both - i feel like i have a very full life right now and i can't image how those with kids do it. wishing you a restful solstice and rest of the year Amy!