Thursday, December 29

Secret Message

I found this scribbled down in a coffee stained loose leaf notebook. It appears to be 2007. I was on myspace.  Apparently I created a secret message using words from the "about me" section of my profile. If you'd read what I had put in all caps, you would have discovered this:

I like hearts. Air. Ports. I can blossom. Feel the first few hours with strong hands. People look you in the eye. Homemade dresses, the blue of photographs. L O V E. To say: Watch people tell the truth, howl hard, snow star lillies, full moon jumping. Winter with me inspired being. Aurora, the desert smells like spring. Drum circles, spontaneous fire, conversation, vibe. Wear quiet in the morning. Wink &

Nothing better than coming across a handwritten time capsule celebrating your dorkdom with your very own secret message*


  1. I love that!! So cute. A friend and I used to write letters back and forth using a key of symbols instead of letters. It was more work then it was worth because I'm sure all we talked about was high school and how boring it was. Your secret message is very neat. :)

  2. Oh so good! I love cracking back open sketchbooks (which are really journals in my case) from years past and finding inspiration fresh all over again.

  3. great capture: the colours and and paper and bright geranium flowers.
    i think of you often and send you LOVE, peace, and joy for 2012!