Monday, December 12

Just be

Snowy and warm made for a perfect snow shoe through birch and spruce wilderness. My legs burn a little still and my hair has fallen into a surprising cute style defying the sweaty mess it was hours before under my knit cap. I traded my wet clothes for dry ones, my afternoon activities for a nap and canceled tonight's grocery shopping with leftovers. I've decided to just let it all be. We never ever truly get it done anyways.


  1. Girl, u got things done... U felt 'the burn' in your legs! the endorphins kicked in! and u ate leftovers!- means more room in the fridge!. Its all perspective. :-)

  2. I do miss snowshoeing just about the most since I traded it in for snowbirding.
    Happiest of holidays to you, Amy
    xoxo Kim

    PS ya wanna shoot your address my way pls?

  3. Amen! It IS all about perspective isn't it?! I take comfort in that. Thanks for reminding me Chris : )

    kim rogers! you're my favorite snowbirder you know?
    and sweet sonora rose yes, yes.

  4. Oh how I love your comment about cancelling the grocery shopping with leftovers! Staying home and taking a nap sounds so much better:)