Tuesday, December 13

Around the studio

The Daniel Smith fairy came this week. Aside from receiving handwritten letters, art supplies in the mail give me a buzz. Joy is new paint colors and red sable brushes. 

Come to think of it, Joy is also heart shaped stones, happy lights and  inspired late mornings.

Spiral / Alaska Series

Private Commission

Starburst / Alaska Birch Heart

Collide / Koyukuk River Series

Seeds / Alaska Birch Heart

Ridgeline / Koyukuk River Series

In the palm of my hand / Baltic Sea Series

I'd love to hear your joy...
Tell me, what delights you these days?


  1. I love Collide. Beautiful Amy. I am delighted to have hired my first employee and to mentor her through birth doula training. It is so much fun!

  2. blackberries
    colored candles
    fresh library books
    the cat in the sunshine
    an hour at the cafe
    prenatal yoga
    pink sea salt
    december roses
    flowers at my bedside table
    chirpy birds at the feeder
    knee socks
    pyrex bowls with fruit in them
    she & him christmas album
    thrift shops
    wood stoves


  3. The Daniel Smith fairy is my joy and delight. I LOVE those boxes in the post!

  4. Happy Holidays Amy! I have shared your wonderful blogs with friends who have really enjoyed them, as I have. Thanks so much for being you.
    Happy solstice!
    All the best,