Wednesday, November 23

6 in the pm

Cozy-a-thon going on over here. It warmed up to zero today ! 70 degrees came fast inside with minimal stokes to the fire. It was glorious. I made cinnamon rolls from scratch, listened to Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole Christmas on vinyl, made a lasagna, drank lattes and listened to NPR, took the dog walk sans gloves, stopped and looked up long enough for a raven to fly over me, prayed thanks into dough (which is my theory for why food made by our grandmothers tastes so good), drank water, wrestled the cat, washed 4 rounds of dishes and felt so very thankful for it all. The miracle, the mundane. Thank you for sharing this space with me. Brightly beamed blessings for your tomorrow and everyday. xo 

(I don't think that is what is supposed to happen to the filling)


(Sunset at 3:21pm today. Length of day 5 hours 27 minutes 27 seconds)


  1. sounds like a great cozy day, just my thing. i bet those cinnamon buns tasted (and smelled!) delicious.

  2. i <3 your little yellow pan.

    happy thanksgiving!

  3. damn mama, those sweet rolls look delish. now i'm gonna have to go and dream about them. xo

  4. interesting that I'm just now reading this and I was totally saying the same thing in my post! "Miracle in the mundane..and giving thanks for it all..." Or is it that we were just talking about this a few hours ago?? Sheez, we're on the same wavelength...

  5. Oh my gosh, those rolls.

    I wish my cat wrestled.


  6. xoxo friend. dreaming up the day i sit in that blue chair chatting it up with you while drinking lattes and eating lasagna! is it weird to horribly miss someone whom you haven't even hugged yet? i'm so weird for you! :)