Saturday, October 8

S Salon Artist Reception

I'm typing with a day old manicure ('Lincoln Park after Dark' by OPI thank you very much) and a very satisfied feeling. The perk of a fun night's next day. Have you ever gone to breakfast the day after a really good party with a group of friends and rehashed all the juicy detail of your good time? Remember how fun that was?  Well that's how I've felt all day. The opening was awesome. A big thank you to all the fine folk who partook in Fairbanks First Friday. You guys made it great. And Ja-Robs? I will gladly shout from a rooftop that I think you guys make the best BBQ in Fairbanks. 

Seriously. The best. 

Scott, Hayley and the team over at S Salon take the best care of their artist's. I really like the forward thinking vibe those guys give off. And besides, they cut a mean head of hair.

Hayley. The cupcakes you made were delectable. Thanks for getting up at six am, before going to work just to make them. You rock.

pre-stamped postcards

The show runs through October 29th. Click here for directions to S Salon.
The online version of the show is now in the shop! I promised postcards but there's a minor delay getting them into the shop.  I'm waiting on something in the mail to take it to the next level. I have fingers and toes crossed that it will arrive this coming week. I didn't take many photo's opening night, but what I got I'll share.  Thanks again all you dear souls for the emails and comments of enthusiasm and encouragement. You guys inspire me.

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  1. It was fabulous! ...and I did notice your manicure. : )