Wednesday, October 12

Around here - -

We have a wood stove going and Limmie (aka. Limano) is taking a bath on a resurrected woven rug, a treasure from the garage sales of 2010.

Matt went spear fishing last night and is busy cleaning and smoking fish. It wasn't a white fish, but this was pulled from the icy bed of the Chatanika river last night too. I bet there's a story with this one.

 The new thing we're working on is beaver sticks. 
Matt's been collecting them like crazy.

And I've been painting them like crazy.

Shaman Stick       acrylic paint on beaver stick

Never would I have dreamed that I'd collaborate in this way with my husband. I mean, I'd hoped for it, but wasn't sure if the order was too tall to fill? I should know better by now. The universe has been trumping my big dreams and wild fantasy's since 2006. That's the year I stopped ignoring the nudges and surrendered fully to figuring out how to do what I love 24/7.
There hasn't been a dull moment since. Cheers to those dreams of yours!  


  1. love that shot of the tip of the cat's tail. you are such an inspiration to me, someone who dreams of one day just doing what they love full time. keep up your awesome work and your awesome spirit!

  2. a shaman stick! perfect. :) I love your work.

  3. K - Thank you for your kind words!! Keep at your full time art dream. I promise it will happen with some continued sweet perseverance. I checked out your etsy shop and LOVE the plush animals you are making. You're on to something...

    Thank you Miss Brooke!! I'm a big fan of your work!! And a happy belated birthday to you dear girl xo

  4. Cheers to your Matt! I couldn't of imagined anyone better :-)