Monday, September 5

Dear Facebook, Are we breaking up?

I woke up really grumbling this morning. My mind was talking in irritated and annoyed. I exacerbated this feeling by visiting face book. I need to remember not to do this and take on the social network only after I've had coffee and only when I'm in a positive state of mind.
Does anyone else get rubbed by Facebook? Sometimes I want to type really inappropriate things and sarcastic replies to the ego induced haze we all seem to fall into over there. It ain't pretty folks but it's honest. How do we stay connected meaningfully in these times of "social networking?"


  1. I so agree with you. This digital world is not always warm and fuzzy. Today being my birthday, most of my greetings came via facebook.

  2. Join Twitter! I saw the best quote on twitter this morning "Twitter makes me love people I've never met. Facebook makes me hate everyone that I actually know”. I have been feeling this way about Facebook for a while.

  3. Happy Birthday Peggy! I'm glad I'm not alone on this.
    I love that quote Nicole! Yeah, there's got to be a way to stay connected positively while navigating these seas of social networking. Twitter you say?

  4. I really have to hold back the sarcasm and negative comments, too. You definitely aren't alone in feeling this way. It's hard to be truly authentic on a public forum where most people's co-workers, families and random acquaintances are all listening in. I've been trying out the new filters for this reason but the whole thing seems like too much effort. I think you have it right with this blog, Amy. (by the way, this is skye. i think it just says whippoorwills on here! ;)

  5. Amen Amy! :) Totally agreeing with you on this one...

  6. i'm in the same relationship & i'm just not that into him!
    rather one sided.
    acts like he owns me.
    i don't communicate at all anymore.
    i thought it would be a good business partnership.
    he has no business knowing my business.
    he doesn't look out for ME.
    whenever i see him & we catch up on things...
    he makes me feel like a nosey parker...
    like i'm watching cheap, trashy reality t.v.
    am i?
    i wanted to dump him after i saw him "Social Network"ing.
    but haven't.
    because i keep thinking there's some old, lost friend out there wanting to find me.
    i don't have any old, lost friends.
    perhaps this will be my first big e-breakup...
    it's not like i could do it in person ya know!
    i'm starting to twitter just thinking about it.


  7. I feel so empowered and relieved that you guys are feeling the same way!!
    Nancy- I'm loving your sense of humor Skye, my sweet positive friend, i'm so glad to know you sometimes feel like typing sarcastic, negative things.
    And welcome aboard Janiemag!! So glad you're all here. I think I know how I'm going to break up now. It may take me a hot minute but I'm gonna do it!! xoxo

  8. True story: Months ago, I quit FB. I've never been happier.

  9. Amen Jillian! When I took a break from FB last month I noticed I felt SO much better. FB is an energy suck!