Saturday, September 3

Dear dreamers,

The muse has landed. Much to my delight, she wanted to get started on that portfolio book I've been thinking about making for months. 
Now I'm up to my eyeballs in images and I'm about to commit to firing up an espresso. 

But before I go, I wanted to share these pictures I found while editing. The first one is of a  vision board I made in 2006. I'd just quit my job to pursue art. I'd just made my first business card - see it bottom right? I had no idea what l was doing. I'm so glad I went for it anyways. Looking back, I would have prepared a heck of a lot more but still high-fiving that girl in present day.

I love this next one. I'm a vendor for the very first time. My sister's there and I'm dorking off with her. Which we've liked to do ever since we shared a room as kids and would pick things for the other to sing about before bed. Oh yeah - - "Rice is nice and bears think twice" - - that one gets us laughing still.

I also found some marketing material from those days. It's wild. It seems like another lifetime, another me.

I was still painting on illustration board and seeking out galleries. I was showing in coffee shops and working on friends movie sets. I even once did wardrobe for Kenny Rogers. The Gambler? I sewed a button on his blazer and ironed ten dollar bills for his money clip. Random yes. Life is so beautifully random.

It wasn't until I acted on this idea that my world changed: 

Keep acting on your ideas dear dreamers. Keep going. It's happening for you.


  1. About dreams: oh, I want so desperately. Still dreaming, still reaching, scared out of my mind, but still...

  2. On my shelves there is a binder filled with all the letters I've written, submission lists I've compiled, price lists, rejection and aceptance letters, and old resumes and artist statements. It is a trip to go back through them. I know so much more now. :)

    Hope you share some photos of your portfolio book when it's finished! I'd love to see.

    x brooke