Tuesday, April 19

Day Two...

Started with king crab eggs benedict - deee-lish! at my favorite Anchorage spot - Snow City Cafe. Snow City was celebrating their 13 year anniversary and 'rock, paper, scissor'ing' their customer's for 13% off their bill. We had rock, waitress had scissor's - so we got 13% off! That, and a perfectly made Americano eased the pain of a non-existent internet connection.

With full bellies and a wicked caffeine buzz we did a couple laps to find internet (translation: 2 hours), posted a quick blog and  hit the road...

Six glorious hours of mountains, ocean and open road...

and a bit of that Alaska flavor I love so much...

At last we arrived in Homer with blue skies stretching and temperatures in the high 40's 
(after a Fairbanks winter high 40's = high 60's)

 I am in rock heaven!

(love that sand spiral)

We spent a few hours combing the spit for treasures,  

and wrapped up our day at Cups for a fabulous dinner

accompanied by some red, red wine and a fun conversation with three sisters...

Is this really a business trip? 
I guess this is what they mean by making your work your play...
I am so happy!
See you guys tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful! What a great trip you are on. Makes me feel like I need to visit AK again :)
    xoxo sandra

  2. d.i.v.i.n.e. with a capital "d". xo

  3. Thanks for dragging all of us along...loving it!! :D

  4. what a great fun time you are having! someday i need to make it up to alaska.

  5. I absolutely LOVE seeing all these great pictures! Looks like you are having a most fabulous time!