Wednesday, April 20

Day Three

Ahh, it was the best day!
Bishop's Beach was a prime spot for circle stones 
(a personal favorite)

We filled our pockets and made multiple trips to the car to unload our finds...

I didn't take many pictures today with my focus on finding rocks and filling our buckets... but you know me...I did manage to snap a few of the randomness from the could I resist?

Homer, every time I visit you I want to move to your town. I love your forward thinking community and your hippie - artsy vibe...
Seriously, we had the best time. We gathered enough stones to keep me painting everyday for a year so who knows when we'll be back...
Hitting the road at 4 am to make our way back home...
See you guys on the flip side...Thanks for coming along!


  1. like M-i-L's filled pockets! was he wearing his dress-up hoody??

  2. Nice trip, Amy.
    Matt's pockets remind me of my husband's. His shorts actually fell of in the Ace Hardware parking lot the other day, he's such a rock hound.
    Not much for round rocks here though but down in Mexico we've found some nice smooth ones.
    Hope to see you soon.
    xoxo Kim