Monday, February 7

February sun

It was warm enough this afternoon that I could sit outside and write to you.

Sun streams thick across a snow-strewn deck and I am doodling on its surface. I am savoring my black pant legs being warmed by a February sun. It has been months since I felt the sun. It is delicious.

I found this video the other day and giggled my way through its content. How often do we find ourselves reacting to life as Ester did? Life is a great teacher of the inner worlds, it’s true.

Today I am high fiving all those imperfections that have us reaching for better ways of being....


  1. warm enough outside in alaska in february must make a believer out of any climate change skeptics. :-)

    i really want to get to my vortex of creativity, but i have a hard time seeing's pretty clouded up with a lot of other junk...a sort of a not able to see the forest for the trees kind of thing. do you know what i mean?

  2. p.s. i'm glad you turned on comments! :-)

  3. I do know what you mean! When I feel like that, I know I need to distract myself with fun and frivolous. Recharging in that way does wonders for my creative flow : )