Saturday, February 5

best server gig??

 winter in alaska = cords in snow

I’ve thought about writing this post for oh, umm, three weeks now. It’s funny & strange to be reminded by people in casual conversation snippets of your life, at least the ones you happened to catch and make a blog post out of. A couple times over that is exactly what’s been happening. My peeps out there have been asking how my full time focus on the art biz has been going? Good!!! Even though it turns out five-weeks was more like one week. Life and her surprises! Since the girl whose shifts I was covering back in December chased a customer down in the parking lot after returning from vacation; I’ve been working part time at (I feel it is safe to say so now) probably the best server gig I’ve encountered. I’m serious.

I suppose I was the one who chose balance as 2011's word and it looks like 'ask and you shall receive' does it again!! I sure have given myself a lot of opportunities to learn balance - I’m hustling up here with all good things and one jam packed February!

What's cool is that the month on paper reflects just this - Balance. There are restaurant shifts mixed with daily focus on my creative business. There are gym dates, art dates and those beloved matt dates. There are dog walks,  yoga on monday night, whole food recipes to perfect, library books to read and slow mornings sizzling after the occasional snap of a social life. 

My thoughts move to Michael Beckwith’s statement: Abundance is the order of the day. Yes it is. I feel good friend and I hope you do too. xo


  1. the words "best server gig" and all those cords in the photo made me think you were working on installing computer i was a little confused when i got to restaurant shifts.

    i hope my february shapes up to something similar. but i feel i'm in a holding pattern at the moment. something's got to shift.

  2. Haha! I always struggle with the best way to define that role: waitress? food server? server? hustler of food and beverage? ? I can see how I confused you : )