Saturday, February 26

And the snow came down.

It fell inches at a time this week. The wind whipped, electricity flicked on and off, trees snapped  and we've had to navigate our yard by snow tunnel. 

(pre snow tunnel)

It's been a little wild, weather wise. 

All week this song's been on repeat when I'm driving: 

I feel like i’m hatching into a different version of myself and there are moments when I feel like I'm losing my shit! I can’t quite put my finger on where it's coming from, at best it’s sort of this wave crash and shape shift. Poetic riddle? Maybe.

Grace eventually shows up and as always;  a space opens, instinct kicks in and I see myself stand still - breathing, loosening my grip.  I'm learning to love my way through  this process and all it's unknown.  It feels wide and raw, but buried deep within is re-charge and re-new I know. Once again, I'll keep moving...


  1. Wonderful white in white pictures and the subtle colours! I can smell the atmosphere.

  2. I'll be the one to hope again (head bobs right here): Loving this song, too. Thanks, KK!!

  3. love that song... listen to it often!

  4. i love the idea of hatching into a new version of oneself...and i feel that.

    but holy crap you have a lot of snow!

  5. just discovered your blog and your work - all beautiful. that first photo in this post is gorgeous, the bright robin's egg fence against the snow.