Friday, January 7

word of the year

I am on a five-week reprieve from waiting tables my loves. Miriam over at Webster says reprieve is to give relief or deliverance to for a time and Google thinks it’s a break from punishment. Both work well in this case, as anyone who has ever waited tables knows this.

This weekend I have big plans to organize my studio and get all my systems in place and ready to greet Monday morning. What happens Monday morning?
 I am back at the art biz full time and it is a fabulous feeling folks. 

As I giddily prepare for the coming weeks of focused creative energy, I think it's important to tell you my word for 2011. It’s balance. I am taking this year on as an opportunity to cultivate more balance in my life. Learning from the intention I carved up 2010 with; I need to balance work and home better. I have a tendency to get on a roll and eat cereal every night, work until the wee hours, get cricks in my necks and let laundry pile up. I have also been know to skip the dog walk and saddle up next to take out. The balance I desire is found in: preparing fresh and vibrant meals while learning my way through a whole foods lifestyle, exercising consistently, stretching daily, breathing deeply, de-cluttering, trying new things, thinking new thoughts, more play, less time wasting distraction, more thanks, more outside, more adventure. Balance I am ready for you, I already praise your name.


  1. Such a good word isn't it! I would probably be better off eating cereal every night but it seems to be my hungriest time of day.
    Best wishes for balancing your art and joy this year.

    xoxo Kim

  2. Amen, Sistah! Love the nails :-)