Thursday, January 13

Pink & Orange...

...Were the colors on today’s dog walk. We mixed it up and traded in our neighborhood roads for a one frozen Tanana river. The drive to the river is downhill with an Alaska Range horizon line. It’s about the time my heart breaks open in gratitude to live here. Even though your cold burns baby, you have me for life my sweet Alaska. I may leave you in the winter. It’s true. I see high desert dwellings and warmed adobe walls in my future. Do not be alarmed. I will always spend the summer with you. My globally strewn family knows better than ask me to leave you during this season. They know I wouldn’t think about leaving your midnight light for anything. “I could live every summer of my life in Alaska” was the one absolute from my twenties that I invoked and stand by today. It’s nice to feel the exact same at 33.

Simplicity and Balance are where my thoughts are. I’ve been reaching forward through the pink mist of January towards vision and pulling back in inspiration, Standing present for idea and action. Wash, rinse, repeat – You know the drill - Create, Be consistent and feel your vision. I bet wild things will happen.


  1. High desert, hmmm. Are you thinking AZ or NM?
    I sure do like the winters here and I totally understand loving certain things about an Alaskan winter.

    xoxo Kim

  2. It sounds aawesome, but how long can I keep my vision, with no one else noticing?

  3. good advice - create, be consistent and feel your vision.

    on that note, i'm going to step away from the computer and go make something.