Thursday, January 20

I’ve been feeling kind of quiet these days. My writing life is jumbled up in January Moons and words slip easily through fingers.

Rest assured, in quiet times there will always be a colorful mess of moments…

232 hearts. Needling done in a heart and spiral pattern. No two fabric alike. Tiny dots in patterns. Need I explain why I was speechless when I opened this present? My mother in law is an amazing quilter and I am one lucky girl.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Icecream cake. 
Is there a better combination?

And there's Limano: The purr factory. He took over the dog's bed and has a certain purr when he is justheadoverheelscrazycan'tcontain! the feel good you are tossing around with those pets you're giving him. It's a mix between a purr and a meow and it's my new favorite sound. All I can say about it is it must be one joy filled feeling and there is nothing sweeter than this kitten.

Before I go - - 
I wanted to share two more of our Etsy Scavenger finds from December.

I love this print by Beauchamping Matt found for me.
I think it's clever.
And then;  this beauty with it's turquoise handle
 fit perfectly with my idea of vintage kitchen

Bright Moons and sunsets that stretch 
to you - -


  1. oh. my. odin. that. quilt. incredible. i want to know how to make one...did she come up with the design herself? and has she blogged it somewhere? ack! i can't breathe, just thinking about it!!

  2. oh, and your kitten is way makes me want a kitten. for indoors. we got two teenager cats as outdoor cats last sunday, but that's not the same.