Saturday, January 1

A day of ones

I woke up thinking about symmetry 

and about 2011 starting in a fresh line up of ones -

Someone pinch me and answer me this:
Did we hit a cosmic reset button or something?
‘Cause I’ve got to tell you,
My sights were grand today, oh the color!
Lavender clouds and yellow orange opening of sky.
Everything seemed alive and creative,
like a beginning that knows not of its end.

Now, there's a slight breeze and dark night.
Snow drip on shoveled deck.
Leftover firecrackers pop off in the neighbor’s yard.
Looking up at the bursts of color,
I can’t help but wonder about
the meaning
of a day of ones?

Doesn't it seem like something sacred is going on?

It’s Two thousand and Eleven friend,
The best is yet to come

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