Thursday, December 9

Winter Edition: Keeping it real

Hello my winter darlings. I am here in my blue, silver, icy, glimmer of a world. Taking note next to fading light all the ways life shimmers and shines. No small task on days when you want to sleep until spring and eat thick stews and buttered carb like things. Did you know it's twenty below and barely three in the afternoon and where is all that daylight going again? Arizona? Florida? Some place that boasts year round sun and postcard blue skies? Sigh. I miss you warm weather. I miss you midnight sun. 

Here I am a little winter warrior, trudging through my daily dog walks with ice crystals coating eyelashes and breath freezing in air. I am still here, in all this lunar landscape excavating tiny hopes and dreams next to dark and cold and trying to feel grateful for it all. 

I am sure tomorrow will feel bright and shiny and boast a new perspective where winter blue eventually gives way to yellow and green . . .

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