Monday, November 1

It's the first day

November, November
with your gold leafed light
I’ve declared your day as mine.
Under blue + lavendar sky
it’s been
Bob Marley + buttermilk banana bread
dog walk + Diana Krall.
Later it will be a little labor
but it’s all right.
It’s of the love.

Happy, happy to you.
Don’t you just love the first day of a new month?

With down hill’s and deep snow’s
Let’s welcome November in.

1 comment:

  1. I said goodbye to my birthday month and celebrated Halloween with some help from a certain bartender :) and I'm welcoming in the month that I head south.

    It feels like sitting at an airport in between places to me.

    I'm enjoying the indoorsy-ness yet longing to be out walking every day and keeping active.

    Cooking up all the consumables that can't freeze.
    Packing up the studio supplies that I can't live without but wanting to have access to them until the last minute.
    Goodbye to grey skies and hello to sparkly arctic skies.
    Preparing and relaxing and retaining some of my Alaskan winter identity until I leave.

    Thanks for asking, Amy!