Friday, November 19

Etsy got me high

Last night I went on my etsy scavenger hunt for Matt’s Christmas stocking.
Since we penned the list last week, I’ve been waiting until I felt inspired for the adventure and guess what? The moment struck last night! I must tell you – I had the best time. I found every.single.thing (and extra things I didn’t even know I needed - that my friend, is the party favor of Etsy). All of this in the span of a few hours. Incredible. I wish I could show you all of the gifts but Matty reads the blog so my lips are sealed…until after December 25th when I spill it with pictures and links!

What I can tell you is that this morning I awoke to an inbox full of thank you’s from the seller’s and I can’t ever remember getting that same treatment after leaving any sort of big box store. How wonderful is it that as a buyer you can connect directly with the person who made that unique handmade gift? And to know that when you buy handmade, you’ve just secured another day for a creative person to make a living by sending them to the bank with real money. It is a win win people.

I've got a couple deadlines approaching so I best be on my way. I really just wanted to drop in and confess that I am on some sort of high from the whole experience and I loved not having to trudge into a store or look for a parking space AND - - I can’t wait to get all of it in the mail. And see Matt's excitement when he opens it all. Oh Etsy, it’s true love, you and me. For sure.

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  1. I can't wait to see what you two got each other! I think it's a great idea...Leave it to you!! xo